We started the Academy LGBTQ Foundation as a non-profit to support our mission to educate and empower families and organizations to celebrate LGBTQ diversity in their families, organizations, faith communities, school settings, and in their everyday lives.

In addition to the donations we receive from corporate clients and the general public, we donate 10% of our gross earnings from Academy LGBTQ to the Foundation, so that we can work with more parents and organizations regardless of their finances.

We use donations to the Foundation to provide scholarships for parents/caregivers to participate in our intensive 2-Day Parent Academy.

We use donations to sponsor our LGBTQ 101 program we offer twice monthly in the Omaha metro. LGBTQ 101 an introduction to the topic and is free and open to the public.

We also use donations to provide the funding for education, training, and consulting in school settings, for non-profit organizations, and faith communities who are committed to elevating their ability to support and celebrate the LGBTQ people in their organization and the clients they serve, but don’t have the resources to pay the full fee.

Every dollar of every donation to the Foundation goes directly towards programming educating and empowering  families, organizations and faith communities to celebrate LGBTQ diversity. Every donation is appreciated, and no donation is too small to make an a positive, life changing impact.

Let’s have a conversation about how Academy LGBTQ Foundation can help you