Our corporate programs are tailored to meet your individual needs. We work with your organization to educate and empower you with the language, tools, and skills you need to celebrate LGBTQ diversity in your teams and your organization as a whole.

We start with assessing where you are as an organization. We focus on your goals for a more inclusive corporate culture. We educate you so that you are attracting, retaining, engaging, and inspiring a diverse workforce. This process doesn’t have to be painful. We can show you how embracing a more diverse workforce will increase productivity which increases your bottom line while making it a great place to work.

We customize our programs to fit any time constraints and for all types of budgets. We have workshops for leadership at all levels, Human Resources, and employees, consulting regarding corporate policy and team building, and speaking as keynotes, breakout sessions, and panel members.

Your corporate culture can shift from diversity to one of inclusion. We work with you to not only change hearts and minds, but to change the corporate culture where those hearts and minds work.


Let’s have a conversation about how we you can elevate your organization by taking concrete steps to take towards developing a more inclusive culture.