American Psychological Association (

Resource for providing supportive care for the LGBTQ community

Association of LGBTQ Psychiatrists (

Approved by the Executive Board of AGLP on February 23, 2017
AGLP: The Association of LGBTQ Psychiatrists firmly believes that gender identity is part of the natural spectrum of human experience and expression. The Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community has been marginalized and continues to fight for basic civil rights. On February 22, 2017, the Trump administration dropped the guidance that transgender students are legally entitled to use the school bathroom, locker rooms and other gender segregated areas that accord with their gender identity.

Discrimination and harassment are a significant source of stress for trans youth who are navigating an especially challenging period of their life and are vulnerable to depression and suicide when not supported by family and schools. We challenge President Trump to stand by his word and protect LGBTQ communities, specifically our most vulnerable trans and gender nonconforming youth.

Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders “SAGE” (

A great resource for GLBT elders, their caregivers, and their loved ones. Based in New York City, they provide direct services to GLBT elders as well as training programs for healthcare providers. And they can serve as a good resource for any healthcare providers’ questions on GLBT aging issues

National Association of School Nurses (

Believes that all students are entitled to a safe environment that is conducive to academic achievement regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Family Acceptance Project


FAP has many resources on their website based on their peer-reviewed research.They have mental health assessment tools for providers.

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